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I decided that I should probably index my Hetalia art and fic before it gets too out of hand.


Newest at the top, oldest at the bottom.

#Tear an Image From the Picture.
Netherlands -> Belgium + weird + crossdressing + mirrors + masturbation + guilt.

Denmark/Netherlands + showers + handjobs.

#Beach Comber Pt. II.
Norway/Sweden + handjobs + Norway likes oceans.

Beach Comber Pt. I.
Sweden and Norway + walk on the beach.

#Two France/Russia Drabbles.
One very PG, one very R.

We Could Walk Together.
More DenSve fluff + thunderstorms + more unexplained headcanon.

Taste the Day.
Sweden/Denmark + unapologetic morning-time fluff

Place to Be
Um. I'm actually pretty proud of this one. Swedish WWII history!fic + implied Sweden/Norway + Sweden <--> Denmark + angst-ish

#The stupidest drabble I've ever drabbled.
Den and Ned QWOP in bed + so cracktastic + Tumblr is full of dangerous ideas

#Some Kinda Hate
Netherlands/Sweden + love triangles + confessions + Sweden likes ax handles? + unexplained DenSu headcanon everywhere + DAMN YOU ANON MEME

#T.V. Casualty
Anon Meme...thing...#8 + Germany/Netherlands + frottage and porn

Anon Meme Drabbles #4 - 7
America at a meeting + Denmark and Russia drink + Denmark and Prussia...drink + America and Denmark play with Lego blocks

Don't Ask Why
Anon Meme drabble #3 + Germany/Sweden + lunch in silence

Anon Meme drabbles #1 and #2
Rarepair thread + Japan and Romano + Austria and Estonia

Mpreg? No Problem!
I have lost all credibility I pretended to have. NedDen + total crack + pregnancy scare

#Sight of You
SuFin + chubby!Finland

Russia and Netherlands + catching butterflies + 1697

#Trim Deep
Russia/Denmark/Sweden + total PWP + ridiculously long + kinda kinky

Denmark/Netherlands + drunk!sex + car + drabble-y + weird writing style

Any Other City
Ensemble + derpy hipster AU + rarepairs like whoa + stupid long epic + WIP
#February Pt. I
February Pt. II

The Fairest of...the G8
The G8 + Prussia + Romano have to vote for the most beautiful among them

Canada/Prussia/Canada + sex + maple syrup + a little cracky + first fanfic ever *hides*


More sketch 'n colors.
Russia + Netherlands + Sweden minus the glasses

Netherlands sketch 'n color
His face! In shiny shiny color!

#Another Sketch Dump
Prussia/Bondage + Sweden's face + Austria/crossdressing + two porny rough drafts

#Small Sketch Dump
Denmark + Netherlands + Netherlands/Denmark

Turn My Head Into Sound
Denmark/Norway + Gutters fanart! + BAWW

Sweden/Denmark + Blood Kink

#Goth Stars Ringin’
Netherlands/Denmark + sex + corset piercing + voyeurism

Russia/Sweden + sex

#Gratuitous Denmark Porn
Denmark + lingerie + smoking

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