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Title: Knowing Me, Knowing You
Pairing: None.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Rampant idiocy, crossdressing, second-hand embarrassment.
Summary: Denmark shows up at Sweden's, drunk, dressed as a woman. A very familiar woman. Well then.
Notes: Belated Birthday present for Bice, and the first day of Ficmas!

They are IDIOTS. )
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Title: Snowblinder
Characters: Netherlands, Russia
Location: Hortus Botanicus, Amsterdam, summer 1697
Rating: PG
Summary: Peter the I of Russia wants to catch butterflies with the mayor of Amsterdam and one of Netherlands’ prominent scientists. The boys are forced along for the ride.
Warnings: I thought this was gonna be complete crack but then it went all srs bzns on me at the end. Netherlands bitching about France and fancy attire. Russia being a cute awkward teenager creeper. Both of them trying to catch butterflies. Me being a giant derp about Russian history.

I use crack to work on characterizations, don’t judge me. )
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Title: The Fairest of...the G8
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Germany, North Italy, South Italy, Prussia, Russia/America, Japan, Canada, England, France, Hungary, Poland, Estonia
Summary: The G8 + South Italy + Prussia end up locked in a room with two boxes, a letter, no easy way out, and a way to vote for who they each think is the best looking among them. Who do they pick? What is the prize? And why are they even stuck in this situation?
Warnings: One character makes a very offensive comment about Germany's choice.

De-anon from the Kink Meme! )


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