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I was really bored last night. There was a thread about rarepairs and trying to make them work and I CAN'T RESIST RAREPAIRS OKAY ;_;


#1 - Japan and Romano - Japan visits and they sit over the Almafi coast and drink.


The sun is almost entirely down, behind them, and tonight at least the stars are bright enough to compete with the city lights shining on the water below.

They both sit, quietly, on one of the hills far above the town, silently passing a bottle of wine back and forth. Romano is surprised that Japan is willing to share the bottle; he kind of pegged the guy as being a stickler for glasses, or cups at the very least, he always came across as very proper.

Not as anal as the kraut, but still - way too damn proper.

Apparently he was drunk enough to voice that thought without his notice, because Japan gave him a small smile before sipping from the bottle and offering it back to him.

"It would be impolite to turn down such hospitality," Japan mildly offers in way of explanation, and looks once more to the sea below. "And - ah, it is rather impractical to expect you bring glasses so far up on the hillside."

Romano snorts and nods, takes another sip - oh, whatever, a gulp, who knew. "You're full of surprises," he mutters before taking yet another sip.

Japan turns his head, slightly, and Romano must have gotten used to him over the course of the evening, or something, because he takes this as an inquiry.

"The bottle-sharing," Romano replies, lifting the almost-empty bottle for emphasis with a scowl, "and the fucking hiking. I didn't really think you were an outdoor sort of person."

"Ah," Japan shifts, and briefly looks to him before continuing. "I do like hiking. I suppose climbing would be...ah...more apt. My country has many temples..." he licks his lips before continuing, "and most of those have many stairs to climb before one can reach the sanctuary."


Japan nods.

"Huh. So it's like all those goddamn stairs in front of a lot of my churches, then." Romano hands the bottle back to Japan, who gives a small thank you.

"Not...precisely," Japan frowns, and that's the first obvious expression Romano's seen him wear the entire day. "Mine are not usually in the city. Perhaps..." he trails off, shifts, looks down at the bottle, and doesn't say anything more.

"Perhaps what?" Romano demands.

"Ah. I was thinking that...perhaps you could come and see them sometime. If you wish, of course."

"Hmph. It might be cool, I guess," Romano concedes, and kicks a rock down the hillside for good measure.

Japan smiles, barely, no teeth but his mouth isn't the solemn line it usually is. "I can make arrangements for you, if you wish. It would not be a problem."

Romano glares at him and looks back at the ocean. "....maybe."

The smallest of nods from Japan. "I would enjoy your company," he murmurs.

"Oh." Romano looks over at Japan, who is staring off in the distance, now. "Yeah, well, I guess if you want me there...tell me more about it."

He does, and they finish the bottle, and talk about cities and temples and stars and it all blurs together before the end of the night. Somehow they end up back in town - all Romano remembers is that the climb down was beautiful, and fun, and funny, and Japan even laughed once or twice - and fall into bed together.

Yeah, he'll visit Japan at his place, next time.


#2 - Estonia and Austria - Their glasses are switched at the optometrist's and they have to meet to give them back.


"Ah, Estonia," Austria greeted, holding his front door wide open for the other nation. As he lead Estonia (who, he noticed, kept bumping into things behind him) through the halls of his home he internally bemoaned that the modern world was...ah, well, there once was a time when there were servants to do such a thing, and one would greet their guests in the parlor, not the common stoop of the porch.

They reached the parlor and, once again, Estonia ran into an article of furniture - Austria did the uncouth thing and grabbed him, as it would be a far worse fate to land with one's face on the floor. Pride and cleanliness usurped manners, in this case.

Estonia, prevented from falling face-first onto the ornate carpet, overcorrected and careened right into Austria. Their bodies pressed together for what should have been merely a moment; however, Austria froze in a fit of internal panic, and Estonia - Estonia couldn't see, and didn't trust himself well enough to not run into, trip over, or otherwise bungle his next move. Estonia swallowed, loudly, gripped Austria's jacket tighter than he probably should have, and looked up to attempt to discern the expression on his face.

It...was just blurry. Great.

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