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Title: We Could Walk Together
Pairing: Sweden/Denmark
Rating: PG
Notes: Danishking (on Tumblr) wanted...DenSu sorta-fluff-I-guess. It was supposed to be a drabble but I dunno if it's drabble-length anymore.
Summary: Walking home in the rain.
Warnings: More attempts at fluff.

Sweden held his umbrella tight in one hand, against the pressure of lazy nighttime rain, and watched as the lights from Copenhagen’s buildings and streetlamps reflected off of the rain-wet bricks. Watched the calm ocean water lapping against nearby boats, watched Denmark’s form wandering in and out of their nylon shelter. Denmark liked walking out in the rain; Sweden knew better than to tell him to do the sensible thing and get under the umbrella. Denmark didn't listen to sensibility, and he didn't listen to Sweden.

Denmark stopped a few paces in front of him and turned on his heel, sliding and laughing. Sweden caught up and stood in silence as Denmark kept laughing, making sure to cover them both with the umbrella. Denmark was nearly soaked; Sweden shook his head, inwardly amused at the sight.

“Watcha laughin’ at?”

Denmark grinned back and shrugged, ignorant of the shirt slowly becoming more and more soaked as the seconds passed by, sticking tighter to his body, of the water running down his face. “It’s a good night!” His grin took a mischievous turn and he suddenly shook his hair out, splattering Sweden.

Sweden huffed and shoved the umbrella toward Denmark. “Take that.”

“Huh? Why?” Denmark took it anyway, twirling it and humming a tune under his breath.

“M’glasses.” Sweden pulled his glasses off with a grimace and set to cleaning them off on his shirt. Just as he was about to put them back on, a stream of rainwater hit his head. He spluttered; Denmark laughed at his own prank and snatched the glasses away even while giving the umbrella back to Sweden.

“Why’d y’do that?” Sweden grumbled, squinting to see Denmark fruitlessly attempt to clean the glasses on his own - wet - shirt.

Denmark looked up at him with another huge grin. “You’re cute when ya get flustered,” he chirped, reaching a hand up to tap Sweden on the forehead.

Before Sweden could respond to that, a low rumble of thunder sounded, bouncing from the water of the harbor, off the buildings, through their bodies.

Sweden’s hand on the umbrella tightened; if anything, Denmark looked even happier.

“Ah man, a storm, Sver!”


A confused look graced Denmark’s face for a split-second before he smiled and pulled Sweden into a tight hug, burying his face in Sweden’s neck. He had none of the chill his rain seemed to.

“You’re still scared of ‘em?” he asked against Sweden’s jacket, amusement not muffled in the least.

Sweden didn’t say anything; just straightened even more, and looked over the harbor, felt Denmark’s wet hair against his face - hoped he wouldn’t have to hear that sound again tonight.

“Remember when ya lived with me?”

Sweden swallowed and nodded, tightened his free arm around Denmark. When they lived together. Normally it seemed so, so long ago; nights like tonight and Sweden was thrust back into memories.

Nights like tonight - sluggish rain and slowly gathering storm clouds - as soon as the first flash of lightening hit the sky, Sweden had gone to Denmark’s room. To Denmark's bed.

Denmark's chuckled “An’ I made fun of ya for bein’ scared of Thor," cut through his thoughts.

Sweden felt Denmark place a light kiss against his neck, and his grip on the umbrella tightened further. They stood in silence, wrapped in each other - the only sound rain on the ocean, the occasional clack of someone’s shoes going by, quickly, a car from some nearby road.

“Y’didn’t kick me out.” Sweden finally said, once he realized Denmark was waiting on an answer.

Denmark laughed, too loud and too close to his ear - whatever he said was drowned out by the next roll of thunder.

Sweden flinched outright this time, and was never more grateful for Denmark’s rain-soaked clothes soaking through his own, reassuring in their shared warmth. Denmark pulled back, only to suddenly lean in and kiss him, soundly, lips already wet from rainwater. From Sweden’s end it was awkward and stilted - he couldn’t get his mind off of the impending storm - Denmark slipped his tongue through and Sweden finally relaxed enough to lightly brush back.

Not a moment later the world lit up bright-white, and it took everything in Sweden not to bite down on their tongues.

Denmark snorted and broke the kiss enough to say “Guess we should go back to my bed, huh?”

Sweden swallowed again, glanced up to the sky, glanced down to Denmark’s bright eyes, reflecting lamplight glow - “Yeah.”

They walked back to Denmark's place, arm-in-arm. Denmark stayed under the umbrella, this time.


Pffft every fic I have ever ficced is titled after a song title.

Crit crit crit go go go!

I was supposed to go to bed ages ago.

/falls asleep on keyboard

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