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Hey bros, if you want to friend me, you don't need to ask - just do it!

I will say that this isn't a personal journal or anything (in fact I don't even have one), but I do keep the occasional fandom-related spazzing out, or note-to-self, or WIP f-locked.
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I decided that I should probably index my Hetalia art and fic before it gets too out of hand.

More thorough summaries than these silly snippets on the actual entries btw. )
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Title: Passenger Seat
Characters: Denmark and Norway
Rating: PG
Warnings: Not much.  Norway internal monologue.
Notes: Yuu’s Ficmas gift!
Summary: A drive has become tradition, and Norway wants to know why.

Go on to Stockholm. )
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Title: Carbonic
Characters: Denmark/France
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Porn, smoking, salirophilia.
Notes: Only took me a year to finish this, yep.
Summary: France finds beauty in the defilement.

6,000 words of porn at your service. )
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Title: and the things that you say
Pairing: Denmark/Norway
Rating: PG/PG-13
Warnings: That thing where I try to write fluff.
Summary: Denmark wants to make snowmen. It's way too early for that shit.
Notes: Revamp of an Anon Meme drabble where I try to wrap my head around a pairing I Don't Get. Day Three of Ficmas!

I wrote this pairing? )
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Title: Knowing Me, Knowing You
Pairing: None.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Rampant idiocy, crossdressing, second-hand embarrassment.
Summary: Denmark shows up at Sweden's, drunk, dressed as a woman. A very familiar woman. Well then.
Notes: Belated Birthday present for Bice, and the first day of Ficmas!

They are IDIOTS. )
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Title: Beach Comber Pt. II
Characters: Norway/Sweden
Warnings: Frottage, handjobs - my writing - you know - with the dashes everywhere - I should work on that - like, for real.

Oh yeah people like cuts and stuff. )
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Title: Beach Comber
Characters: Sweden/Norway
Rating: PG?
Notes: This one time I thought Yuu was gonna have a sucky day, and then he did.
Warnings: I can't write cute things, accents.


I need to not name things after songs. )
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Title/summary: Sketchy nation faces.
Rating: very, very G
Notes: IN COLOR!

Derpin' with my new markers. )
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Title: We Could Walk Together
Pairing: Sweden/Denmark
Rating: PG
Notes: Danishking (on Tumblr) wanted...DenSu sorta-fluff-I-guess. It was supposed to be a drabble but I dunno if it's drabble-length anymore.
Summary: Walking home in the rain.
Warnings: More attempts at fluff.

Tumblr you are dangerous. )
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Title: Taste the Day
Pairing: Sweden/Denmark
Rating: PG
Summary: This one time [livejournal.com profile] glassamilk wanted DenSu fluff. I tried? Mornings and attempted breakfast in bed.
Warnings: Attempts at fluff.

Clicky clicky? )


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